Right Hair, Right Now

The best Philly stylists for any—every!—type of hair. 

There are many, many great stylists in this city and it's 'burbs. And most of the great can do anything you ask them to, and do it well.  But the trick to true-hair happiness is a little more complex, isn't it? You don't just want someone who is great, you want someone intuitively attuned to your exact hair issues.  And that, reader, is what you'll find here: 45 excellent stylists, each with a special knack for dealing with one issue or another, from cutting crazy curls to eliminating those wiry grays to helping with thinning hair, and beyond...

For non-Brassy Blondes: Kathryn Picraux attracts clients from D.C., Brooklyn, North Jersey and beyond for her shiny, layered color.  One secret? Giving lightened hair the TLC it needs, from a post-color restorative glaze to protein treatments every few months.