PHILADELPHIA STYLE - Philly Gets Luscious Locks with Hotheads Hair Extensions

What makes Hotheads Hair Extensions so much better is that the company has found solutions to many of the problems associated with extensions. “The line is revolutionary based on its patent-pending technology and inability to be detected,” says Cartier. Hotheads uses medical-grade adhesives applied to the hair with a sandwich-like method, no glue or heat necessary, which makes reusing them up to three times—previously unheard of in the world of hair extensions—an easy process. What’s more, the brand is ideal for any hair type, says Kathryn Picraux, owner and artistic director of Privé Salon (5 E. Butler Pike, Ambler, 267-470-4331), another area salon that carries Hotheads. “These extensions apply to every client’s hair texture and structure,” she says. “Other brands weigh on the fine hair strands and actually rip from the scalp. These cause less tension on the hair because they’re so light.”