The Community Effort That is Keeping a Local Salon on it’s Feet in a Time of Crisis


At some point between Wednesday, May 16th and Thursday, May 17th the whole ceiling at Prive Salon in Ambler came crashing down in the storm due to a roofing issue, and the salon incurred massive water damage.

When owner, Kathryn Picraux unlocked the door to her salon on Thursday morning, she was met with a collapsing ceiling and the disaster that followed.  It was devastating.  Everything she had built and designed when she opened Prive, was now severely damaged.

Kathryn was mostly concerned about the comfort of her clients and employees, but it didn’t take long before Anthony and Josie Troilo, her former employers, mentors and owners of Citrus Salon and Day Spa in Blue Bell and Trisha, owner of Barberella Salon in Ambler,  all reached out to lend a hand as soon as they heard the news.  In no time, Kathryn’s clients, her employees and their clients were re-directed to both salons and worked into their schedules.  Both salons have gone out of their way to help out in Prive’s time of need, and will continue to welcome clients and stylists during it’s re-building. had a chance to talk to Kathryn this week, and despite the amount of damage and work that has to be done to Prive, the real meaning of having a business in a tight-knit community is not lost on her:

“…the sense of community is amazing.  The amount of support we have been shown is such a positive thing.  The relationships I’ve made are a blessing…”

A complete demo and re-build is necessary and expects to take about another month. But, also in true community effort, Kathryn mentioned that all of the businesses helping with the demo and re-build of Prive Salon are Ambler based, and each reached out immediately to help her build her business back.

*All photos courtesy of Kathryn Picraux


Right Hair, Right Now

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There are many, many great stylists in this city and it's 'burbs. And most of the great can do anything you ask them to, and do it well.  But the trick to true-hair happiness is a little more complex, isn't it? You don't just want someone who is great, you want someone intuitively attuned to your exact hair issues.  And that, reader, is what you'll find here: 45 excellent stylists, each with a special knack for dealing with one issue or another, from cutting crazy curls to eliminating those wiry grays to helping with thinning hair, and beyond...

For non-Brassy Blondes: Kathryn Picraux attracts clients from D.C., Brooklyn, North Jersey and beyond for her shiny, layered color.  One secret? Giving lightened hair the TLC it needs, from a post-color restorative glaze to protein treatments every few months.


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PHILADELPHIA STYLE - Star Colorist: Kathryn Picraux

Owner and hair stylist Kathryn Picraux, whose résumé includes stints at New York’s Toni & Guy Academy and celebrity styling at the Grammys, brings her expertise to Montgomery County via Privé Salon. Best known for her color work, Picraux skillfully weaves blonde highlights and hues so natural-looking, they’d make even Jennifer Aniston jealous. 5 E. Butler Pike, Ambler.


PHILADELPHIA STYLE - Philly Gets Luscious Locks with Hotheads Hair Extensions

What makes Hotheads Hair Extensions so much better is that the company has found solutions to many of the problems associated with extensions. “The line is revolutionary based on its patent-pending technology and inability to be detected,” says Cartier. Hotheads uses medical-grade adhesives applied to the hair with a sandwich-like method, no glue or heat necessary, which makes reusing them up to three times—previously unheard of in the world of hair extensions—an easy process. What’s more, the brand is ideal for any hair type, says Kathryn Picraux, owner and artistic director of Privé Salon (5 E. Butler Pike, Ambler, 267-470-4331), another area salon that carries Hotheads. “These extensions apply to every client’s hair texture and structure,” she says. “Other brands weigh on the fine hair strands and actually rip from the scalp. These cause less tension on the hair because they’re so light.”



Takara Belmont's 2010 4th Quarter Cutting Edge Design winner is Prive Salon in Ambler, PA! Prive opened their doors just 10 weeks ago. The unique sense of privacy in the space is something customers and stylists love because everyone feels as if they're in their very own salon which helps build long-lasting, trusting relationships with each other. Featuring: Rollerball II; Sara Shampoo Units; Odin Styling Chairs; Millwork recommended by Takara Belmont. Services: Salon woodwork designed and sold by Takara Belmont, approved concepts by Jackie Patterson, Prive's interior designer.